No matter which university you go to, you can pretty much guarantee you will find at least one of these things in your student house
Take a look inside your student house and we can guarantee you will spot at least one of the following things. 
How many do you have in your student home?

1. The bin which is always full

There’s nothing worse than a kitchen overflowing with bin bags from who knows how long ago. It doesn’t matter how many times you empty it, or how recently it was emptied. Yet again, your kitchen bin is full to the brim and you’re left pushing it down as much as possible to make more room.

2. Collection of empty bottles

A wall of cheap vodka bottles, bottom shelf wine bottles and a variety of beer cans on the windowsill. The decoration of choice for any university student’s house.
Top tip: Rather than throwing away your old bottles, you can use them as candle holders. You can get multipacks of candles for pennies and they look fantastic when the wax has dried down the bottle.  

3. Traffic cone

For some reason, we’re incapable of walking past a traffic cone when drunk and leaving it alone (and we can’t really blame you). Whether it’s pristine and new, or old, mouldy, and falling to bits, pretty much every student house has one (or you know someone who has got one at their place).

4. Event flyers, posters and other merch

Maybe you were given a stack from a promoter during Freshers’ week, maybe they were left over from the previous tenants. Maybe you were given it whilst walking through town, or maybe you took it off the wall at the event. No matter how you acquired them, every student house has got at least one event flyer, poster or other random event memorabilia laying around.

5. A pile of bills

If they’re not on the notice board, they’re in a huge pile on the kitchen table, often left unopened. 
Bills are the least pretty side of university life. One minute you’re enjoying the pleasures of hot water and unlimited electricity, the next you’re trying to stop your housemates walking around with their shirts off, heating blasting and all of the windows open.

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6. The communal blanket

This blanket has seen it all; film nights, midday naps, all-nighters and hungover despair. No one’s quite sure who it belongs to (or when it was last washed) but it will always have a special place in each of your hearts, and will always be waiting for you when in need.

7. An overflowing noticeboard

Your home noticeboard - or a wall of organised mess. Amongst the pile of postcards, event flyers and takeaway menus is probably a lot of very important information that no one has read since moving in day because the number for the local pizza place is definitely more important. 
Your noticeboard is probably more noticed for its chaos rather than the actual notices.

8. The ultimate bedroom

It’s the one that sealed the deal when you first viewed the house. Maybe it was the biggest, or maybe it’s the quietest, or maybe it has the best view. Needless to say, whoever manages to bag this bedroom will be the envy of everyone in the house.

9. A cupboard full of old appliances, utensils and a rusty old mop

When you move into your new student home you want some new shiny appliances right? So does everyone, but they’re not as bothered about taking them with them when they go back home - hassle right? So you can bet that over the years everyone who has ever lived there has chucked their old appliances in the cupboard under the stairs on move out day. Delve right to the bottom and you might find some gems!

10. A mismatch of glasses from every pub you’ve ever been to

Because you haven’t been out unless you steal at least one pint glass right? Check out your kitchen cupboards and count how many different brands of pint glass you have. Then obviously leave them there to go into the cupboard under the stairs when you leave because you don’t want to take them home of course. 

Together with your friends at university, you’re bound to make some amazing memories. It’s things like these which ensure that your student house is like no other place you’ve ever lived before, or will ever live at again. Let’s face it, who in their right mind would want to live this way?