Coronavirus: Self-isolating at university

Published on 18 Mar 2020

Advice about the COVID-19 Coronavirus infection, including when and how to self-isolate in shared student accommodation

Coronavirus Guidance For Landlords

Published on 16 Mar 2020

As response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we want to highlight some of the ways you can stay safe whilst marketing your student property for the next academic year.

Coronavirus Guidance For Students

Published on 16 Mar 2020

We want to highlight some of the ways that you can stay safe when booking student accommodation.

Proof that you live in a student house

Published on 24 Jan 2020

Youll certainly recognise these six things which happen in your student home

10 things you'll find in every student house - how many are in yours?

Published on 21 Jan 2020

No matter which university you go to, you can pretty much guarantee you will find at least one of these things in your student house.

Tips for saving money at university

Published on 09 Jan 2020

Top tips from Money Saving Expert including advice for living on a student budget, managing your student loan, and how to boost your income at university.

A student's guide to getting a part-time job

Published on 02 Jan 2020

If you are in the process of studying, then there is no better way to make your experience just that little bit better than having a little extra cash in your back pocket.

Four things that you didnt know you could get from your university

Published on 05 Dec 2019

If you do some research, you'll find that universities offer plenty of additional services beyond lectures, seminars and that weekly hangover.

Why first year at university is the best year of your life

Published on 08 Oct 2019

Check out our top moments which will make your first year of university the best year of your life.

University halls: Tips for living in a hall of residence

Published on 19 Jul 2019

To make move-in day as smooth as possible, weve put together our top tips for living in a hall of residence.

Finding accommodation in Clearing

Published on 08 Jul 2019

Received your university placement through Clearing but still trying to find somewhere to live? Don't panic! Check out our guide to finding Clearing accommodation.

Vita Student Accommodation Liverpool Summer Offer

Published on 24 Jun 2019

Its your last chance to live big for less at Vita Student Liverpool!