The safety and well-being of our customers is our number one priority. As part of our response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we want to highlight some of the ways that you can stay safe whilst continuing to market your student property for the next academic year.

Please note that our services will continue as normal, and bookings will still be processed through the platform. If you have any questions about the service, please contact us on 0333 772 0618 or email us at [email protected].

If you still have a vacant property we highly recommend that you obtain a video walkthrough of the house as soon as possible. The video should clearly show all of the bedrooms, communal areas and facilities on a high quality camera (most of the latest smartphones should be sufficient). If you are also able to take dimensions of the rooms this will also be very helpful should students not be able to visit in person.

Official guidance We highly recommend that you keep up to date with the latest NHS advice regarding Coronavirus, including what to do if you think you have it and how to reduce your chances of catching it, here.

Attending property viewings It is very likely that the government will soon announce more restrictive controls on travel and social contact. These restrictions could unfortunately have an impact on your ability to conduct property viewings in person for an extended period of time.

If still conducting viewings, whilst you are there we recommend practising standard social distancing measures. It is not recommended to shake hands with the tenant, and also wash your hands before and after touching any surfaces/handles within the property. If hand washing facilities are not available, use hand sanitiser. If you have symptoms of Coronavirus as per government guidelines, DO NOT ATTEND the property viewing. You must self-isolate for 7 days accordingly.

What happens if you’re unable to attend property viewings? Phone calls with the tenant Any viewings that are arranged through the website and that cannot be carried out, we will recommend are carried out via telephone call where any questions can be answered and information can be given about the property. We will be introducing the facility for landlords and tenants to communicate over the telephone, through a monitored communication system on your accounts.

Property video viewings We’re also introducing the facility for landlords to share walkthrough videos of their student properties where possible. These videos will be monitored by the team and shared with potential tenants who are interested in reserving your property.

What if my tenant is self-isolating? Anyone self-isolating is advised to avoid any visitors to their home, which could affect your ability to organise maintenance or repairs, or carry out inspections such as Gas Safety or EPC.

In these circumstances, we are advising our landlords to keep in contact with the tenant, and maintain detailed documentation as to why you cannot carry out the maintenance, repairs or inspections.

What you need to do:

• Request an email or letter from your tenant outlining that they are self-isolating for a period of time due to Coronavirus, that they are advised not to have visitors at the property, as well as a projected start and end date to their self-isolation. Contact your local authorities housing team if you are unable to complete maintenance or repairs as soon as possible.

Once the tenant has completed the self-isolation period, you should organise the maintenance or inspection as soon as possible.

Tenants self-isolating The Government has released detailed guidance for anyone who needs to self-isolate. This includes guidance for those sharing households with others. We are encouraging tenants to notify their landlords if they have put themselves into self-isolation.

We’re here to help We’re going ahead on all property viewings at this time, with sensible precautions around the number of visitors at any one time. Our focus is to minimise disruption during this time without compromising the health of our staff or our customers.