Landlord Services

A. 'Bronze, Silver or Gold packages'.

If you purchase the Bronze, Silver or Gold packages the following arrangements will apply, subject to our Website Terms:

1. You will be given a login to access which will allow you to upload properties for potential tenants to view.

2. You may only upload a property if
a. you have all necessary permissions, licences and consents in place required to let the property (including from any mortgage or other charge holder with an interest in the property);

b. you have notified any building or contents insurer for the property of the intended letting of the property;

c. your property is safe and free from health hazards;

d. all gas and electrical equipment at the property is safely installed and maintained and you have in place all compulsory safety certification and agree to provide copies of the same to us on demand;

e. your property complies with all applicable fire safety regulations;

f. you have an up to date energy performance certificate for the property;

g. you will protect any tenant deposit in a government-approved tenancy deposit scheme;

h. you are a private landlord

i. you are a fit and proper person for the purposes of the Housing Act 2004;

j. information about the property is up-to-date, accurate and complete and does not contain any misrepresentations or other potentially misleading information;

k. you comply and will continue to comply with all applicable codes, standards or other requirements imposed by any university to whose students you wish your properties to be advertised and to which you subscribe (and if you do not subscribe to specific university codes, standards or requirements you will subscribe to and comply with an alternative code, standard or other requirement which offers tenants materially equivalent protections);

l. you comply and will continue to comply with any other codes or standards of which we notify you from time to time;

m. you are not uploading the property for or on behalf of a letting agent or otherwise using an uploaded property for the purposes of advertising, endorsing or otherwise promoting a letting agent, or soliciting business for a letting agent.

3. You will be able to access your properties using your login details.

4. When you upload a property it will be displayed on the website and (subject to the property status) it may be uploaded to the and websites (subject to our arrangements from time to time with Rightmove and Zoopla). Please note, your property advert will be vetted by our team before it is uploaded to any external portal. We reserve the right to make amends to the property description before it is advertised on our website or any additional portal.

5. All access to and use of shall be subject to the Website Terms, which you will have to accept by ticking an on-screen box the first time you login and at other times when you use the site.

6. You will be able to specify an ‘available from’ date signifying what date the property will become available to move in to.

7. You may notify tenants that viewings are able to be undertaken on a property before the ‘available from’ date.

8. If you specify you are conducting viewings on your property / properties immediately, we will upload properties to Rightmove and Zoopla (subject to our arrangements from time to time with Rightmove and Zoopla)

9. You may choose to remove your property details at any time through your account settings, but you will not be entitled to a refund of any charges you have paid simply because you decide you no longer want to use the advertise properties.

10. The site has rating functionality, allowing tenants and prospective tenants to rate landlords, properties and areas, and for other tenants and prospective tenants to see these ratings and comments.

11. It is important you recognise ratings and comments could be negative or neutral as well as positive. The Website Terms include important information about who is responsible for comments and ratings uploaded to the Site and how you can report comments you consider breach the Website Terms.

12.If you are using our Bronze package you are solely responsible for agreeing the terms of any tenancy agreement you choose to enter and for compliance with all statutory, common law and contractual obligations that apply to your operations as a landlord. That does not change because you have found a tenant through our service. You hereby indemnify us from and against all costs, expenses (including legal and other professional fees and expenses), losses, damages and other liabilities (of whatever nature, whether contractual, tortious or otherwise) suffered or incurred by us and arising out of or in connection with any claim by a tenant or prospective tenant or any other third party as a result of any breach or alleged breach by you of any statutory, common law or contractual obligations that apply to your operations as a landlord.

13. If you are using our Silver, Gold or Property Management services you hereby indemnify us from and against all costs, expenses (including legal and other professional fees and expenses), losses, damages and other liabilities (of whatever nature, whether contractual, tortious or otherwise) suffered or incurred by us and arising out of or in connection with any claim by a tenant or prospective tenant or any other third party as a result of any breach or alleged breach by you of any statutory, common law or contractual obligations that apply to your operations as a landlord.

B. 'Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages'
If you purchase any of the above services the following arrangements will apply, subject to our Website Terms:

1. The contact details associated with the property will be for us.

2. When a tenant contacts us directly we will liaise with you to arrange a mutually convenient time for you to conduct a viewing. Students may also send messages through our online messaging system or may also request a viewing time through the automated viewings system, which you are responsible for responding to directly. We may also contact you regarding students who are unable to view to get your authorisation to proceed with the booking should you agree we can do so.

3. If you wish to let your property to a tenant introduced by us you must refer them to us for the processing of their application, including conducting reference checks, for which we will charge either the student or landlord a booking and reservation fee. The landlord will stipulate who they require to pay the fee when the property is uploaded. Students will be made aware if the reservation of any particular property incurs a specified booking fee.

4. Landlords who opt for our Silver package and who have tenants wishing to renew their tenancies for the following academic year, will be required to either refer the students to us to pay a renewal fee of £99 (inc.VAT) or may opt to pay for this themselves. This will cover the cost of new reference checks and administration required to secure the tenancies for the next academic year.

5. Once we have conducted reference checks we will send a report to you detailing the results of those reference checks.

6. If you let your property to a tenant introduced by us but do not refer them to us for the processing of their application, the conduct of reference checks, we reserve the right to invoice you for the total amount payable to us, with the addition of a £30 administration fee to cover our costs. This will also apply where you have failed to facilitate the students paying or any undue delays have been caused; in which case we will charge the landlord directly after a grace period of 7 days, after which time immediate payment will be requested.

7. When you upload a property it will be displayed on the website and the Rightmove and Zoopla websites (subject to vetting) for a maximum of 60 days for free (subject to our arrangements and license agreements with Rightmove and Zoopla). Extensions of partner portal advertising can be purchased if required.

8. We may, at our discretion, offer landlords a basic property listing service to display their property on This will not include the property being advertised on any additional partner portals.

9. If you are using our Silver or Gold packages we will provide you with template tenancy and guarantor agreements and will facilitate the signing of these through our online platform. Using these services does not negate any of your obligations as a landlord in relation to the Housing Act 1988 amended by the Housing Act 1996.

10. If you are using our Silver or Gold packages we are only responsible for providing the services for you, and any necessary documentation to allow you to manage your property yourself. It is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that all parties are aware of their obligations contained within any of the legal documentation we provide.

11. If you are using our Silver or Gold packages, it is your responsibility as the landlord to ensure all documents have been signed correctly and the deposits paid before allowing a tenant to move into your property.

12. For our Silver and Gold packages you will be required to pay an up front fee prior to the completion of any administration by us on your behalf. These services only apply to the completion of one set of legal documentation for the entire property, and any changes or new agreements will incur a cost by either the landlord or tenant and will be agreed with the landlord as it may be required. does not guarantee the quality/quantity of any interest, viewing requests, or bookings to any landlord listing their property on the Website.

Private Hall Providers

There are two different services for private hall providers who wish to advertise their accommodation on the StudentTenant platforms. These are advertise-only and our commission based services. If you are advertising accommodation as a private hall provider on the platform, the following terms apply:

1.Those using the advertise-only service will be required to make an up-front payment per residence to advertise. No adverts will be made visible on the platforms until remuneration is received in full, unless prior arrangement has been made in writing.

2.The advert will display the providers direct contact details and they will be responsible for assisting students sourced through our platform to the best of their ability.

Commission Based Service
1. If you opt for the commission based service this will allow students to book your accommodation directly through the booking widget on the advert on the platform.

2. The booking process takes place by the students paying the pre-agreed commission rate as an up-front booking fee. The hall providers are notified immediately by email of the booking, at which point they are obliged to inform us immediately if there is no availability and the student will receive a full refund.

3. The private hall provider must deduct the pre-paid booking fee from the students overall fees.

4. If it comes to light that any students have made direct contact with the hall provider as a result of seeing the advert or making an enquiry through the platform, the hall provider is obliged to refer them back to us to make the booking through the online bookings process. If a student is not referred back, we reserve the right to invoice the hall provider for the full amount owed, plus a £35 administration charge.

Additional landlord services offer additional property related services. These services may be outsourced to other companies who are qualified to provide the specific services, and takes no responsibility for any problems that may arise directly with external contractors.

Below are more specific terms relating to each of the different additional services:
1. Gas Safety Certificates:
These are chargeable at a base rate of £75 assuming there is only one gas appliance to be tested at the property, most often the gas boiler. Any additional appliances are chargeable at £35 for each.

2. Featured & Premium listings:
These are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee which space you will be placed within, allocations are on a random basis.

3. Energy Performance Certificates:
We do not offer any additional assistance in the preparation of a property for an Energy Performance Certificate, such as inputting any additional energy saving measures. The property in question will be assessed as seen and take no responsibility for any discrepancies in opinion of the ratings supplied by the assessor.

4.. Professional photography: will provide an individual with sufficient photography skills who will attend the property and take photographs of each room. The photos will also be edited and may take anything up to 14 days to be provided in digital format to the landlord.

Student Services

Reserving a property advertised through any of the above services.

1. If you wish to proceed with renting a property which is advertised through any of our services you agree to go through our reservation and reference checking process.

2. In order to reserve a shared property through us, you will be required to pay a non refundable booking fee of up to a maximum of £135 (Inc. VAT) per tenant for private residential properties (subject to our agreement with the landlord) which will cover application processing, reference checking and enables you to hold the property until you have completed formal agreements with the landlord. You will be made aware of any fees payable on reservation of the property.

3. For Private hall bookings the booking fee will vary and reservations will be dependant on which residence you are reserving. The booking fee can be anything up to the value of 3% of the yearly rental cost and may also include your first rental instalment or a deposit.

4. When renewing a tenancy for the next academic year you will also be required to pay a property renewal fee of £99 (inc VAT) to secure your place at the property for the next academic year

4. You are aware that both booking and renewal fees are non refundable.

5. You are aware that you must pay your reservation fee within 48 hours of agreeing to reserve the property.

6. You are aware that if you are required to pay £135 (inc VAT) to reserve the property and do not pay this fee per tenant required within the 48 working hour period, we will then request any outstanding payment is paid by the landlord. If the landlord specifies that they are not willing to pay the outstanding balance, you are aware that the property will then be re-advertised and you may risk losing any partial fee which you have paid.

7. You agree to fill out and return our application forms, specifying information about yourself and your proposed guarantor. You agree to returning completed application forms to us within 48 working hours from the point you received the application forms.

8. If you do not have a UK based guarantor in place, you agree to notify us of this when returning your application forms and are aware that this may have an impact on your contractual agreements with the landlord.

9. You agree to contacting your proposed guarantor to make them aware that they will be required to submit information to ascertain their ability to be your guarantor.

10. You agree to take all necessary actions to ensure your guarantor submits the required information for reference checking within 7 working days of this information being requested.

11. You understand that the information specified within the reference report may have an impact upon your contractual agreements with the landlord.

12. You are aware that on the basis of the information provided within the reference report, the landlord may request an alternative guarantor is put forward. You are aware that in this eventuality, a further reference check of the alternative guarantor will be required, for which a further fee of £30 (Inc. VAT) will be payable.

13. You are aware that solely provides the reference reports to the landlord and does not have any say in the impact the information of the report has on the landlord and his or her contractual agreements with you.

14. You are aware that payment of your reservation fee does not guarantee you will enter a tenancy for any particular property. It is the first stage of the reservation process. You are aware that you have not completed the reservation process until you have entered into legally binding contractual agreements with the landlord.

15.You agree that where we are operating with the landlord under the Silver or Gold packages you will complete all of the necessary legal documentation within 7 days and must also advise your guarantor they must do the same.

Refunds and additional fees

1. Before paying funds to reserve a property, students must ensure they are prepared to enter into a legally binding tenancy agreement.

2. If the student is required to pay a reservation fee or a renewal fee to reserve a property, this fee is retained by This fee is non refundable.

3. may at its sole discretion offer a refund to users for any fees retained by, in the light of what it deems to be extenuating circumstances, for which evidence must be provided. For the avoidance of doubt, refunds will not be offered simply because users have decided they no longer wish to live at the property for which the reservation fee was paid.

4. If a student decides they no longer wish to live at a property they have made reservation for by paying the reservation or renewal fee, we may offer for this fee to be transferred to another property we are advertising on at our discretion.

5. may at their discretion impose additional fees if required to ensure all parties are complying with their legal obligations. For example if any student wishes to terminate their tenancy early and we are operating under the Silver, Gold or Property Management packages, either the student or the landlord may be required to pay additional fees to cover any new references or tenancy agreements as required.