Prices of private student halls

When it comes to private student halls, there are a few factors that will impact the price.

As is the case with any real estate, location will play a part. Private student halls in London for example may be more expensive than in other cities, but that’s par for the course in the nation’s capital. But regardless of the city, private halls do tend to be more expensive than residential university halls. That said, there are many good reasons to justify parting with a few extra pennies.

For one, leases tend to run longer (52 weeks as opposed to 42-45 weeks) to allow you more time to settle in before the school year, and pack up after exams. Bills are often included, such as Wi-Fi, gas and electricity, and some private halls even include content insurance in the price. You also have the added bonus of dealing with a professional property management organisation as opposed to a private landlord, so there’s a bit more security when dealing with things like deposits and rent payments.