Bills made simple

Sharing a house doesn't have to include stress when it comes to sharing bills. Life's too short to worry about these sort of things. With our bills package you only pay your fair share of the bills which is ideal for students and young professionals living together in shared accommodation. Everything's split equally between you and your housemates.

Living away from home and sorting out bills for the first time can be daunting. Having a simple monthly bill split equally with your housemates means it's easier to manage your money throughout the year.

Instead of the hassle of managing several utility companies, choose from gas, electricity, water, telephone, broadband and TV licence. Our bills package gives you complete freedom over which utilities your household wants and is just dealt with in one simple monthly payment and one go-to company for all your shared household bills.

We bundle bills together and bill tenants separately, so you're not responsible for your housemate's share. That means no more arguments or chasing housemates for that overdue payment.

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