Insure your contents

Contents insurance offers valuable protection for your possessions in the event they were lost, damaged or stolen, and cover for accidental damage to the student property.

Student halls insurance cover

If you live in university halls, or private student halls, then you will most likely already have basic cover on for your possessions. However, the basic contents insurance provided by your accommodation provider will not protect your valuable items such as a laptop, phone or television.

Private student accommodation insurance cover

If you live in a privately rented student house, or off-campus rented accommodation, you will require an insurance package for all of your valuable items as it will not be provided by your landlord.

What will your policy cover?

Your policy will cover damage caused by fire, flooding, storms and theft. If you have particularly valuable items such as cameras or jewellery, you may have to pay a supplement to cover those possessions.

Your contents insurance policy sometimes offers new for old cover. This means that you will receive a full replacement on the cost of items which are lost, stolen or damaged.

Are you required to get contents insurance?

Contents insurance isn’t compulsory, but it is highly recommended.

You should contact your accommodation provider or landlord to find out whether you’re responsible for insuring any contents provided by the property owner, as you could be liable for replacing them if they are lost or damaged.

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Note: this refers to your student property