Shipping your belongings

If you’re studying in the UK from overseas, or travelling a significant distance to your university, you may need assistance transporting your personal belongings.

What we offer

We can refer you to a specialist service to transport your valuable items and excess baggage from A to B. Through our trusted affiliates, we offer an unrivaled service in terms of price, speed and customer service.

What can you send?

You can transport pretty much everything you need for university, including clothing, electronic equipment and valuable items.

Will my items be insured?

All of your items will be insured throughout the transport and shipping process. Whether you’re shipping a box, suitcase, backpack,or individually-packed item, the basic baggage insurance will cover the total loss of your belongings.

How long will it take for my items to be shipped?

Shipping times for your items varies depending on the distance your belongings have to be transported. If you’re transporting personal belongings within the UK, they should arrive within a week, and if you’re transporting internationally, it typically takes up to a month to arrive.

Shipping internationally or across the UK is easier than you think. If you require contents shipping, submit your details and someone will get back to you with the best possible quote.

Submit your details

Note: this refers to your student property