has been built specifically to work in conjunction with universities and student unions who want to enhance their route into private sector accommodation for their students. We do so by offering local landlords and accommodation providers a system which saves them vast amounts of time and money, whilst at the same time enabling universities and student unions to financially benefit from the private rental sector.

Everything you need in a platform

We provide universities with an array of services ranging from bespoke, custom-built platforms to analytical insights into how a local student housing market is functioning. We invest significant resources into developing best-in-class technology to help you manage your student housing efforts as efficiently as possible. Also, as a part of our ongoing effort to improve students' university experiences, we continuously urge our landlords to provide a professional service, quality accommodation and adhere to local and national accreditation schemes.

Integrated payment platforms

For many universities, the efficient management of private sector housing requires a considerable degree of time, money and administration. provides a system to not only reduce all of these factors, but also offer a secure and automated online payment platform which actively generates revenue, without the necessity for high overheads and staff costs.

Building long-term relationships

Unlike other software providers who only offer ‘out of the box’ self-managed packages, we have in-house web developers working tirelessly to build your system based on the functions you feel would benefit your students the most. We maintain the importance of creating partnerships, rather than just promoting the purchase of a software package. Imagine a software package that never goes out of date, continuously evolves and has a team behind every function to implement your recommendations on request.