You’ve accepted your university course, found your student accommodation, and you’re about to enter one of the most exciting period of your life. But there’s still one question you need to answer before heading off to uni - are you fully prepared?

As well as being an extremely exciting time, getting ready to go to university is also very stressful. Fortunately, we’ve covered everything that you have probably forgotten, but will certainly need when heading to university; from important documents and stationary, to electrical items and medical supplies, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our ultimate “you’ve probably forgotten this item” list below to make sure that you’ve got everything packed and ready to go.

Important documents

These documents should be a top priority when heading off to university, especially during your first few weeks. We recommend that you make copies of these documents and keep them in a secure file to ensure that none of the important information within them goes missing.

1. Passport, driving license or some form of ID

2. Official university documents - inc. your university and course acceptance letters

3. Student finance documents

4. National insurance card

5. Bank details and bank card


Finding and collecting all of your academic supplies will take some time, but it's definitely advised that you purchase them before heading off to university - you don’t want to be that person borrowing a pen on the first day!

1. Journal/diary/planner

2. Pens and pencils

3. Sticky notes

4. Paper clips

5. Stapler and staples

6. Highlighters

Your university will likely send you a ‘recommended reading list’ to get started on before you begin your studies. It’s worth considering if there are cheaper alternatives to buying brand new. There will usually be copies in the library, or if you would like to own the course books, you will have the opportunity to buy them from students in the year above, or from second-hand shops online.

Electrical items

It really goes without saying that you’ll want to bring all of your electrical items with you to university. After all, how else will you procrastinate those days off, other than binge-watching the latest series?

1. Laptop and charger

2. Mobile phone and charger

3. Headphones or speakers

4. External hard drive

5. Extension lead or multi-plug socket adaptor

6. Television

7. Ethernet cable, HDMI cable, etc

8. Hair dryer, straighteners, electric shavers and any other beauty products you might need

If you’re an international student, we also recommend that you pick up a 3-pin electric adaptor so you can use all your electrical items in the UK.

Medical supplies

Fending for yourself at university can be quite tough at times - especially when you’re not very well. Before heading to university, you should pick up some medical supplies just in case you’re in desperate need of some medicine but you’re too poorly to get out of bed.

1. Personal prescription medicine

2. Allergy medicine

3. Paracetamol/cold flu & medicine (you’ll probably need this for Freshers!)

4. Multivitamins

5. Plasters

6. Antiseptic cream / wipes


These random items may have slipped your mind when packing for university, but you will be pleasantly surprised at how handy it will have been packing them in your time of need.

1. Torch

2. Blu-tack and drawing pins

3. Playing cards

4. Alarm clock

5. Batteries

6. Umbrella

7. Basic tool kit

8. Sewing kit

Please note: If you’re living in university or private student halls and would like to bring your TV, you should check with your accommodation provider before you pack it. You should also check with the accommodation office to see if you need an Ethernet cable, or whether you have wireless internet.

Transporting your belongings

If you need any assistance moving your belongings to university, we can help! We’ll help you move your belongings from A to B with our trusted affiliates at a very competitive price. To find out more about our shipping service, how long it will take to complete, or for your free shipping quote, please click here.

Insure your contents!

Whilst we’ve gone through the essentials you need to pack for your first year of university, we also highly recommend insuring your belongings. Contents insurance offers valuable protection for your possessions in the event they are lost, damaged or stolen. A contents insurance policy will cover damage caused by fire, flooding, storms or theft, and the cover offered is usually new for old so you will receive a full replacement on the cost of items.

For a free quote, complete our contents insurance form here, and we’ll be in touch with a quote!

And finally..

If you have any issues during your university experience, want to connect with other students or you would like to discuss university life, you can check out our student forums here.